Also known as "Pretties", these are the HOT girls working as models for all different types of products in Bangkok Thailand. The most commonly seen prettie is the Beer Pretty Girl; the girls that represent Singha, Heinkein, Chang, San Miguel. These girls will work at some of the busier restaurants, dressed in sexy outfits (normally miniskirts) trying to entice you to purchase their alcoholic beverage. And it works! There are also Pretty Girls for the harder alcohols (generally whisky) such as Jack Daniels, Crown 99 and Johnny Walker. Pretties are also seen in the malls, selling cars or cosmetics. Some of the sexiest pretty girls are found at the conventions that seem to be every weekend in Bangkok. These conventions sell almost everything; Condos & homes, Cell Phones, Furniture, Car accessories, Electronics. What they all have in common is a beautiful Thai girl representing the product trying to catch your eye.

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After a long night promoting and being around the clock, Pretties feel the need to release some tension and have a good time. More ofthen, this "good time" translates into hours of drinking and fucking with strangers!

Bangkok Prettie girls are the most sought after girls in Thailand. Because of their beauty and accessibility, pretty girls are often the targets (and look for) successful Thai businessmen and other Thai elite. Their white skin, sweet faces & smiles, not to mention their AMAZING bodies can make even the most powerful man succumb to their feminine charms. Ever smiling and friendly, these girls come across as accessible Asian supermodels, all the while keeping a confident demeanor. All this considering Pretties make 500-1000 baht ($15-$30 USD) for a days work.

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Moon - Bargirl anal

Moon works at a beer bar on Soi Tiger in Phuket. Moon has a tight little body, maybe 4'10" (148cm) tall and a square Isan head. Moon was all over me, and the moment she grinded her soft ass against me and told me she does anal I was S-O-L-D. On the way to shorttime Moon said she was hungry so stopped into 7-11 to buy some baloney. We went on our way and stumbled into a shorttime hotel. Moon and I ripped off each others clothes fucked like rabbits. We were both trashed after cumming that we passed out and slept together. Great girl!
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Dar - Creampie teen

Dar's sweet teen ass bobs up and down for a creampie! I love how Dar is built: Slim torso, strong thighs and breeding hips. She is an expert at hovering over cock and thrusting up and down. Watching her pussy envelop cock mid air is a sight to see. It didn't take long to fill her teenage box with sticky hot goo.
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While prettie girls are working there isn't alot of time to interact with them or try to get a phone number. Many times the company they are working for forbids them from giving out personal information. So unless it's a rare occurance, don't expect to be able to get a phone number of the girl of your dreams while she is working. The most likely prettie girl that you can hook up with are the restaurant beer girl pretties, the ones that serve your favorite beverage. There are a few reasons for this... since it's at night, these are the darker skin Thai girls. Still beautiful, but possibly not the milky white Thai girls that the Thais LOVE. The beer Pretties also have a more relaxed work enviornment, and are sometimes able to give out their phone numbers. But again, if you are turned down for a number do not be discouraged or take it as an insult.

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